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Alison L James

Who or what is there to forgive? From a 5th dimensional standpoint, in the new world of Christ Consciousness we are building, I believe that the answer to this question is unequivocally—ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! As we learn to understand, embrace and embody Universal, All-encompassing and Unconditional Love, we can logically deduce that all that is occurring in our lives, and in the universe, is intended for us and is not meant to be a punishment or a deterrent. Read more


Ja-lene Clark

The idea was that we CAN evolve beyond forgiveness. What if forgiveness were no longer necessary because we had moved beyond needing it? Is it possible to live my life is such a state that I never again have to forgive my self or anyone else? Is that possible? Read more



In my own personal mystical experience, God dwells within each of us inside of our vast and limitless Heart. Most people I encounter on the Path readily embrace this concept, and more and more, I encounter individuals who have had their own personal direct subjective experience of this Great Universal Truth. It seems to me that many people have relatively little difficulty accepting their Divinity. Perhaps surprisingly, I find that it’s our Humanity that is much more difficult for most of us to embrace. Read more